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Pampadi Pampum Kavil performed a special pooja for Thrikakkarayappan on the day of Thiruvonam.

Pampadi snake and Kavil Madeva lifting, Uthrataku la Samarpanam and special puja to Thrikakkarayappan were held. Pampadi snake and Kavil in the presence of Nagaraja.
On Puradam day, September 6th, dedication of viewing ponds to Naga King is done on September 7th, Uthratam, and special pujas to Thrikakkarayappan on Thiruvonam day, September 8th.

Shri Nagaraja Puraskaram 2022, to Vidyadharan Master, Parakkad Thankappan Marar, Thripunithara Radhakrishnan and Gangadhara Vaidyar.

The Shri Nagaraja Puraskar is given annually at Pampadi Pambumkav, Nagaraja Sannidhanam, to outstanding personalities who have made a mark in various fields on the occasion of Kanni Ailyam. This time it was decided in the fields of music, instruments and Ayurveda.
An integral part of the concert will be given to troubled musician Vidyadharan Master for his comprehensive contribution to Malayalee music for more than 60 years, and to Parakkad Thangappan Marar for his unforgettable contribution to Tamil playing in panchavadyam. Tripunithara Radhakrishnan, who has been active in music for more than 45 years, and CNS, who has served the people in Ayurveda for 70 years in the field of pediatrics. Chithikalayam Gangadhara Vaidya, this year's Nagaraja Puraskar. The award consists of a citation, a plaque and a medal
Mahakavi Akittam, Dakshinamurthy Swami, Vaidya Math Cheri Narayanan Namboothiri, artist Namboothiri, Kaitapram Damodaran Namboothiri, Venmani Krishnan Namboothiri, writer Leelavathi Antharjanam, Arjunan Master, Chauvvallur Krishnankutty, Peruvanam Kuttan Rayanamarar, Kalamandalam Gopi Asan and Kscheren in previous years. Nagaraja award was presented.
All the four will be felicitated on September 21 at 9 am in the presence of Nagaraja Sannidhi on the stage of Ayilya Pantal in the presence of dignitaries.

Nagaraja Sangeetholsavam at Pampadi Pambumkav from 2022 September 21, Wednesday (1198 Kanni 5)

Nagaraja Sannidhanam Pampadi Shri Pambum Kavil will be lit up at 8 am in the presence of famous Acharyas and Musicians in the specially set up Sangeet Mandapa after the Ashta Dravya Mahaganapati Homam held at Ayilya Pantal on Wednesday 21st September for the Sri Nagaraja Sangeetsavam which is held annually on Puyam day in connection with Nagaraja's birth maiden Ayilya.
Devotees intending to participate in Sangeet Archana - Pampadi Sri Pambum Kav, Srinagaraja Temple, East Pampadi, Thiruvillawamala, Thrissur District. Send application along with resume to 680 588 or contact phone numbers 9447 377143, 9747 338558 and 9447249 794.
There will be music from morning to 8 pm. Those who have sent the application in advance and who have booked by phone also register their name after reaching the venue on that day.

The auspicious Kannimasa Ayilya Mahotsavam at Pampadi Pambumkav from 2022 September 20 to 24 (1198 Kanni 4 to 8)

The auspicious Kannimasa Ayilya Mahotsavam 2022 is celebrated with great pomp on 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th of September (1198 Kannimasa 4th to 8th).

Chingamasa Ayilya Puja and Illam Nira at Pampadi Pambumkavi on 26th August 2022 (1198 Chingam 10, Friday ).

Ayilya Pooja and Illamnira of the month of Singham will be celebrated with devotion on Friday, August 26, 2022, Singham 10, at Pampadi Pambumkavi, the abode of Nagaraja. Nirmalya Darshan and Mahaganapati Homam will be held at 5.30 am and at 10 am Nirapuja in which Lakshmi Chaitanya fills the paddy fields with Vellari, Nurumpalum, Ayilya Puja and Ashtapadi. After Aayilya Puja, Ashta Nivedyas and Paddy grains are given as Prasad to all the devotees. Prasada oot is not conducted. The procession will open at 5.30 pm and close at 7.30 pm after Sahasranamajapam and Deeparadhana.

Thiruvonam rituals of Mahadeva were celebrated in Pampady Nagaraja Temple.

On August 19, the day of Puradam, Mahadeva special pooja was done as part of the Thiruvonam Puja which started from Atham Naal at Pampadi Nagaraja Temple. The auspicious recitation of Ramayana, Vecharadhana and Bhagavad Seva for the Karkitaka Mass was concluded on August 16. On August 20, the day of Uttara, offerings were made to Nagaraja. On the day of Thiruvonam, Thrikkakara raised his father. Along with the daily Ashta offerings, the Ada offerings were also made. All the devotees who came there on that day were given bananas in the view of Nagaraja.

Message from secretary, Nagaraja Temple

Hosting many mega events like Sarpabali Maha Yajna and series of Devapurana Yajnas throughout the year, Sree Nagraja Temple is often found well-crowded. The flow of visitors gets increased day by day and hence it is extremely difficult to accommodate the amassing devotees within the temple premises. In order to manage it properly, the temple authorities have decided to build a new structure for the Annadanamandapam so that all the devotees can have the prasadaoottu unto their contentment. Same is the case with a new building for a Yajnamandapam for performing various yajnas all through the year without overlapping.

There is also an urgent need to renovate the whole temple structure to encapsulate the ever-increasing crowd. Since the main deity is swayambhoo serpent mound, Balalaya Prathishta as in the case of man-made installations is not possible here during the construction. So the renovation works in the temple would be all the more expensive and extensive.

This ambitious project cannot be completed merely by depending on the funds of the temple. It needs the generous cooperation of devotees as well.

Pampadi Sree Pampumkaavu

Model for Annadaana mandapam and Yajna mandapam

Devapuranayajnas are meant to proclaim the moral and spiritual values of life. Due to his kindness and sympathy toward the fallen souls, Veda Vyasa supplemented the Vedas with Puranas which explain the Vedic truths simply, intended for different types of people. It is the responsibility of every divine place to invoke the latent knowledge within the mundane life of the human beings from time to time. Hence carry out the Purana yajnas.

Sree Nagaraja temple conducts series of Purana Yajnas every year choosing 6 significant sectors out of the 18 Puranas . Ashtadravya mahaganapathi homam using 1008 coconuts, Kalamezhuth, Sarapa paattu, Sree Nagaraja Sangeethotsavam, other temple arts etc are also carried out in this temple premises throughout the year. So we plan for a first-rate podium for the Yajnacharyas to perform the parayana and interpretation as well as a spacious audience hall for the devotees to make the divine rituals a heavenly experience.

Prasada oottu is the offering given to the Naga Gods and devotees receive it with utmost reverence as God’s blessing. Breakfast Prasada is special to Sree Nagaraja Temple. As the number of devotees increases every year, an Annadanamandapam to accommodate everyone is found to be the need of the hour.