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Other religious observances inside the temple: 2022
1. Vishukkani :

On the 1st day of the Malayalam month Medam, Grandma of the temple doles out vishukkaineetamto the devotees.

2. Observance of Ramayana Month :

Starts from the 1st day of Malayalam month Karkkidakam

3. Illam Nira:

First Sunday after the karkkida vaavu(no moon day of the month of Karkidakam). The ‘Illam nira' rites are observed in many temples for a prosperous harvest season. It is an auspicious ritual in which Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of prosperity is being invoked into the newly cut paddy spikes which are distributed among the devotees. ‘Thripputhari' rites will also be performed at the temple on the Ayillyam day in the month of Chingam. In this ritual, paddy spikes would be used to prepare ‘puthari nivedyam' - an offering to the gods with newly reaped rice.

4. Vidyaarambham :

In the early hours of the auspicious Vijayadasami day, a number of children are initiated into the world of alphabets from this temple premises. 41 days prior to this event, Mahasaraswatha ghrutham is prepared with utmost care and devotion, chanting mahasaraswatha sooktham. It is distributed to the devotees especially among the student community for free on the Vidyarambham day.

5. Devapurana yajnam :

Begins from the 1st day of the Malayalam month Vruschikam. Yajnapoojas are organized in accordance with the 18 Puranas through its 6 significant segments like Sreemad Mahabhagavatha Sapthaha Yajnam, Sreemad Vatmiki Ramayana Ekadasaha yajnam, Sreemad Devibhagavata Navaha yajnam, Sreemad Siva purana Ekadasaha jnaanayajnam, Sreemad Skanda puranan Mahayjnam, Sreemad Ganeshapurana jnanamaha-yajnam. During Sabarimala season, Sreemad Bhagavata Saptaham and Dharmasastra Akhandanaamayajnam are also carried out. Every Ayyappa devotee comes to have the blessings of Nagaraja, before starting his pilgrimage to Sabarimala.

6. Sampoorna Narayaneeya Parayanam :

1st day of every Malayalam Month

Vinayaka chathurthi, Offering of Kazhchakkula On the previous day of Thiruonam, Ashtamirohini, Mahasivarathri, Parasurama Jayanthi, Skanda shashti, Thrikkaarthika

  • Monthly Ayillyapooja
  • Starting Morning 11'0 clock, on ayillyam nakshthra
  • Group of Sarpabali yajna andMaha payasa Homam
  • Once in two months from 4 pm - 8 pm
  • Devapurana yajnas
  • Sreemadh Bhagavatha Sapthaha yajna
  • Sreemadh Valmeeki Ramayana yajna
  • Sreemadh Devee bhagavatha navaha yajna
  • Sreemadh Sivapurana yajna
  • Sreemadh Skanda purana yajna
  • Sreemadh Ganesha purana yajna