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Ayillyam is the 9th asterism among the 27 birth star constellation of Hindu astrology. It is supposed to be very significant for Naga Gods. Every month on the day of Ayillyam nakshathra, a grand pooja is being conducted with great religious observances to appease all Naga Gods including Nagaraja, Nagakanya and their retinue. Being a pompous experience, most of the devotees take part in it to accomplish the ritual without any lapse. It is auspicious to do this pooja at least once for three consecutive years in order to achieve desired things in life.


Pooja starts with Mahaganapathi Homam after Nirmaalyadarsan at 4 a.m. After Homam, the usual procedures of Usha:pooja, vellariyidal and noorum paalum, Ayillya pooja starts at around 11 a.m. There will be the distribution of breakfast and lunch for the devotees as prasada oottu. After Ayillya pooja, all the prasadams including the ashtanivedya (Vellanivedyam,, Paalpaayasam, Appam, Avil, Katina Paayasam, Thrimadhuram, Chathussatham, Kadallippazha Nivedyam) will also be distributed among the devotees and visitors.

Monthly Ayilya Poojas - 2023
English Date Malayalam Date Day
January 9 1198 Dhanu 25 Monday
February 6 Makaram 23 Monday
March 5 Kumbham 21 Sunday
April 1 Meenam 18 Saturday
April 29 Medam 15 Saturday
May 26 Edavam 12 Friday
June 22 Midhunam 7 Thursday
July 19 Karkidakam 3 Wednesday
Augest 16 Karkidakam 31 Wednesday
Septhember 12 1199 Chingam 27 Tuesday
October 8,9,10,11 (Aayilya Maholtsavam) Kanni 22,23,24,25 Monday
November 6 Thulam 20 Monday
December 3 Vrishchikam 17 Sunday
December 30 Dhanu 14 Saturday
Pooja Schedule
5AM Maha Gnapathy Homam
8AM vellari,Noorumpalam
10AM Nirapara samarppan
10.30AM Ayilapooja
11.00AM Annadhanam
06.00pm Deeparadhana
Ayillya Mahotsavam Offerings:

Ayillyam asterism of the Malayalam month Kanni (September/October) is very important for all Naga temples and many poojas are done on that day in the concept of the birthday celebrations of the Naga Gods. Connected with Ayillyam day observances special poojas will be conducted on the two adjacent days with Pooyam and Makam stars. Ashtadravya mahaganapathy Homam will be performed in these 3 consecutive days with 1008 coconuts. Interested devotees can participate in the customary rites to have the blessings from the Naga Gods. Devotees can be a part of the ritual by providing desired number of coconuts as per the rate quoted below: 108 Coconuts 54 Coconuts 27 Coconuts 14 Coconuts 7 Coconuts 5 Coconuts 3 Coconuts 2 Coconuts 1 Coconut Those who need to join in the Ayillyam Mahotsavam rituals can have the application form from the temple office, in advance. It will be convenient for the devotees from faraway places. The filled up forms can be submitted in the counter on or before the pooja day.

How to preserve, use and dispose the Areca flowers, garlands, Vibuthi (Bhasmam), Turmeric, oil, Ghee and soot (Vilakku Mazhi) received from Holy shrine.

Those who receive the Areca flowers and garlands offered to Lord Nagaraja must ensure that they are placed in the front side of their houses preferably at an elevated location to avoid impurity. Even though it is auspicious to keep them till they are dry, it may be disposed off carefully without making the remains impure. The Areca flowers, garlands, Vibuthi (Bhasmam), Turmeric, oil, Ghee and soot (Vilakku Mazhi) received from Holy shrine must invariably kept at a cleanly place and not to be used at the time of impurity.

Special Ayillya Pooja:

Devotees can arrange for special Ayillya pooja on any day other than the day of Ayillyam star.